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Ladislav  Novak 1925 - 1999

solo exhibition part 1

07.05.2023  -  18.06.2023


Statement around 1979:

"And tomorrow I return to my exile in Trebic. But where am I at home, really? In Prague? In Venice? Anywhere where I have a table to work on, maybe only a piece of foam for a bed and a blanket, good light, a hot shower, peace and quiet for work, and someone to have an intelligent conversation with once and a while ...
I'm afraid I'm asking for too much."

alchemages, collages, drawings, froissages, frottages

Carmen Casanova  (solo exhibition)

04.03.2023   -   14.04.2023

The discourse of my work is related to the concept of contemporary femininity, taking classic and current references, in which femininity and glamour are used as a weapon of seduction. And through which she critiques consumer society and the lifestyle and aesthetics imposed on us by fashion editorials and the mass media.


Carmen Casanova solo exhibition.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 8.4 MB

Craig Roper (solo):  Photo bundles

December 25th until February 18th


catalogus roper expo.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB

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